We have structured our services and fees to be approachable and accessible to clients. In our experience we have found that we need to reduce as many barriers as possible so that clients will feel able to readily contact us and seek our assistance and advice, as needed. One of these barriers can be cost. We feel that it is important that our clients know that they are in control of their cost with us.

We have structured our fees so that most services are provided either on a fixed price quotation or an annual fee agreement. Our clients find it a real advantage to know exactly what the cost will be and to plan it into their annual budget. We are happy to offer services on a time costed "do and charge" basis for those who prefer this approach. Many clients also enjoy being able to spread the cost evenly over the year rather than receiving bills for immediate payment. We charge for tasks or projects... real work. We do not charge for regular phone calls and emails. 

Services provided by referral partners will be billed directly by that party. We will monitor and manage referral partner costs with you, as your accountant.

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